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Lune is a payments and savings mobile application that helps you take control of your finances. With Lune you can create, track, and manage multiple social saving circles easily and transparently. We also offer in-app peer-to-peer transfers so that you can send money securely to your friends and family -- IBAN and hassle free. Lune is our response to a regional problem: saving products aren’t designed around people’s needs. At Lune, we strive to provide cheaper, faster and simpler solutions in order to make saving more accessible, affordable, inclusive and sustainable for everyone.
We are a growing team of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing financial freedom to our users. We bring expertise from the FinTech, payments, financial regulation, and banking sectors to the table. We were brought together by the shared conviction that financial services in the region are overly complex, slow, and expensive. We are seeking to create a human-centered solution, built around the needs of our customers, so that they can take control of their financial future.

Lune Circles

Lune circles are digital savings circles that allow you to create, track and manage multiple social saving circles easily and transparently.
Lune circles provides users with all of the benefits of the traditional savings model, such as interest-free loans and the ability to lend to friends and family, all while minimizing the risks associated with the process. For centuries, people have accepted risks of delayed payments, fraud, and default as inherent to the savings model. This is because traditional savings circles and payments are often conducted informally and in cash. Yet technology makes the process more efficient, convenient, and secure by offering automated payment schedules, in-app transfers, and reminders.
There are four tiers of Lune circles subscriptions: Basic and Gold. The Gold subscription allows users to create and/or participate in circles up to a specific monthly contribution value.

Basic Subscription: Allows users to create and/or participate in circles up to a monthly contribution of AED 4,900(Free)

Gold Subscription: Allows users to create and/or participate in circles up to a monthly contribution of AED 10,000 (AED 19.99/month)

Yes, a Lune Group must be a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 12 members, and each member will select an individual cashout month, the number of members corresponds directly to the number of months on a 1-to-1 basis.
The group admin is responsible for selecting the group name, description, monthly contribution for each member, the number of members, and the start date of the cycle. The admin must also invite people to participate (though once part of a group, any member can share the link or access code to others). The admin is also responsible, though not solely, for encouraging other members to transfer payments in a timely manner.
At the moment you must receive an electronic invitation to join an existing group. You can also create your own group.
Lune will send an electronic warning notice to any individual who fails to keep their commitment to the group they are a part of. If the group member owes money to other members, Lune will flag this to the individual and highlight that this information may be shared with the authorities along with all records. If this still does not lead to a successful outcome, the individual will be blocked from joining new circles on the Lune platform, and any balance they owe may be sent to a collection agency as per any requests by other members. The missed payment may also be communicated to credit bureaus.
No. We seek to foster trust and fairness amongst the Lune Community. Once you have committed to joining a group you need to stay a part of it until the cycle is complete. If you believe that you will not be able to do so, we encourage you to discuss this with your group members or contact us directly to help facilitate a payment solution.
Group members choose their slot upon joining the group on a first join first choose basis, in order to ensure full transparency.
The group will move from “Active” to “Inactive” status. If you want to make a new group then you may go ahead and start a new group with the same members.
Yes. A full record of payments can be found under the notifications section.
Yes, you can see your group’s payment schedule under the “Members” tab of each group.
Please contact Lune at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please report behavior that is disrespectful and dishonest to the Lune community. This includes, but is not limited to, failure to complete payments, the use of force or threat to receive payments, suspicious behavior, scamming, etc.

Lune Send

Lune Send allows you to send money to whoever, whenever without the need for a bank account, SWIFT Code, IBAN or address.
Lune Send removes all the complexities of IBANs, account numbers and beneficiary details, instead using simple identifiers such as a phone number, to enable people to make payments to one another. With Lune Send, you won’t have to worry about carrying cash in your pockets, since payments are done through a digital platform.
All you have to do is select a recipient who has signed up to Lune Send, then select an amount that you would like to transfer. As long as you have linked your bank account, you can send and receive money to whoever, whenever, in a matter of seconds!
Lune enables users to add each other as beneficiaries from within the application, however the time it takes for you to begin sending another user money is completely dependent on your bank's cool-down period.
No, you do not need to add money to Lune to make payments. All you have to do is link your bank account, and then payments will be sent directly from your bank account to the recipient’s!
You will be able to view transaction history for Lune Send in the notifications section. The history is typically accurate, but in the case that the transaction did not go through, please contact Lune Support directly. Before doing so, please make sure that the recipient has verified their email address or phone number and properly linked a bank account to their profile.
Once a payment has been made, it goes directly to the recipient’s bank account. You may ask your friend to send the money back, but if you accidentally sent it to the wrong person, please contact us directly at Lune Support and we will do our best to retrieve your funds. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a retrieval of your funds.
Yes, you can add multiple bank accounts to your Lune profile. Please note, however, that you can only change payment methods before a transaction is made.
When you sign up for Lune, your daily sending limit is AED 10,000. However, please note that your limits are dependent on any parameters set by your bank as well as the available funds in your account.
If you receive a payment from someone that you don't know, you can simply send a payment back to the other user with a note explaining that they paid the wrong person.
You can see all details of your transactions in your “Notifications” feed, which is located on the “Home” page.
No, Lune doesn't offer this functionality at this time.
No, Lune doesn't offer this functionality at this time.

Payment Processing & Data Security

Yes, in order to facilitate payments between group members and app subscribers, the Lune platform requires members to link a bank account.
Please see our Privacy Policy for information regarding this topic.
Lune uses industry standards to encrypt and safeguard your information. We use bank-level security with 256-bit AES and 4096-bit RSA encryption, making sure not to store information about your bank account after it is linked.
You will be prompted to make group payments through in-app reminders 7,5,3,and 1 days before the payment is due. Once you have your bank account linked to Lune, you will be able to transfer funds with the touch of a button.
Please do not share your account details with anyone. Your privacy and security is our top priority.
If your account is hacked, please disable it as soon as possible, or contact us at or on our app on the “Contact us” section.


No, not at this time, because credit cards have high transaction fees.
You are welcome to change the bank account that you have linked to the Lune platform after the cycle has started.
No, not at this time. We are exploring ways to expand to international banks.
At this time our platform requires a basic bank account. We are exploring ways to expand Lune to individuals without a bank account.
No. Please do not make payments on behalf of other members
We use Dapi, a world-leading, real-time banking API, in order to safely and securely transfer funds to our user’s bank accounts. You can read more about dapi here:

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