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How it works

Lune simplifies money management, through a few simple steps you can view your expenses in a transparent, and automatically categorized manner!

Securely link your bank account

Lune gets read-only access to your data and never gets to see your bank account login details or store them.

Get automated insights on your spending

With automated insights on your spending habits, arranged into 12 categories, Lune enables you to allocate the necessary budgets and be aware of where your money is spent.

Set and track your budgets

Lune gives you the ability to set budgets and track your spending as it automatically categorizes your expenses and lets you set a maximum spend for each category within your budget.

What people say about us

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I’ve used a million apps in my day but Lune’s UX design is really nice and its so user- friendly! Took me seconds to setup my account.

Haneen Asfour
I love the fact that it’s automated, I’ve never came across an app that offers this. Now I don’t have a choice but to watch my spendings.

Lune has helped me figure out where all my money is going! Within the first couple of days, I noticed I was paying weekly subscriptions for services that I haven’t used in forever! It has helped me cut out these unnecessary expenses!

Mayar A.
I enjoyed how you’re able to monitor your finances without the need of using multiple apps to balance your accounts, and loved the user friendliness and comfort that i experienced within this Lune.


Secure & Helpful

We value your privacy! We use bank-grade security to make sure your data stays secure. On top of which, if you ever need any help we are always here!

Securing Your Data

We support face & fingerprint ID, and use 256-bit TLS encryption.

Privacy Protection

Your data is never shared with any other parties.

User Support

Our team is always a click away to help you with your needs.


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